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about-usWhere the miracle of People occurs diogenesis.com is. Within the Navy Property about the fringe of Philadelphia a bunch of renovated stores stay alongside the Delaware Water, as well as in one of these several youthful, trendy, innovative people – mainly ladies – explore the facts of living the life span of the Free People woman. We take pictures, share suggestions, movie, art and tradition form through material swatches, and travel the planet looking for motivation to produce impartial, style that displays our innovative, remarkably- bold – woman that is energetic FP.
The diogenesis.com is just a method for us to start the gates of our house are available in to allow you to look inside, and spend time for some time. We desired to produce a location that provided insight in to the illuminating tradition of People and combined our sides. Hopefully this website creates one to attempt enjoyable innovative, educated, and trendy activities every day, which you return to talk about your activities around.